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Great War is A Roleplay Discord in World War Theme .

By Crossover - Hellsing Ultimate , Azur Lane , Grenadier , Girl Frontline And Mores!

World Server Stats
Server Status Members Updates Owner
  • Disc
Online 35+ 005 Fushcia
  • TWI
Online 245+ 007 Xel
  • TWIC
Online 60+ CBT Loki Orl.

We must update this server status in everyday!

Description : You can choose country by rule first verify for get verify pass 3.goto choose your country room and write !america or !germany for become in that country 4.Have Fun. You can choose your Work by write !g-soldier , !g-medic (if you are american just change g To A).You can buy weapon in store. Server have a event and war and story everyday!

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